About Our Custom Framing

La Parete Gallery is one of Toronto’s foremost specialists in framing services. Artworks, photographs, needleworks and memorabilia can be enhanced with a proper frame, and La Parete’s Master Framer is always available to help you decide what’s right for your treasured heirloom. Whether your piece has never been framed or desperately needs a new look, let our Master Framer apply his craft.

We’re professionals, using high quality materials and our prices are reasonable.  Bring your piece to us and let’s talk. No obligations.

Why Frame Your Art

From expensive masterpieces to sentimental pieces, from flea market finds to children’s paintings, custom framing magically transforms any piece into something magical.

Great framing begins with considering three things: 

  • The art work itself
  • The surroundings of the art work
  • Your taste and style

Our goal is always to enhance your art, rather than detract from it.  The frame and art create a unified whole that will be a source of pride on your wall.   And for works on paper, the frame also is essential to protect the art for the long haul.

Selecting a frame from the world of textures, sizes and colours

To select a frame, use the artwork.   Sometimes patterns and textures in the artwork can be tastefully mimicked in the materials used for the frame itself, depending on whether the image is strong or soft.  

A period painting or one of a classical subject matter is well suited to a timeless, traditional, elegant gold-leafed frame or a handsome walnut or mahogany wood frame.  Whereas lighter, or more abstract paintings may look best in sleek, less fussy frames.  And for paintings that are in-between, there are transitional frames—those that blend elements of the traditional and the contemporary.

Case Study

Our client purchased this beautiful Takao Tanabe from La Parete in 2020.

The acrylic on paper painting was hung in a kitchen with bright sunlight.  The Museum Glass ensures it’s protected from the sun’s UV rays and minimizes glare in a location that would produce a lot of reflection.  And the faded gold frame brings out the gold from Tanabe’s paint strokes.  

The frame enhances the piece for enjoyment today, while protecting it ensuring appreciation tomorrow.