Kate Graham (1913-2008) made coming from Ontario an integral part of her artistic mission.  Born in Hamilton, she died in Toronto 95 years later.  Through her long life painting exquisite and vivid landscapes depicting the awesome beauty of her native province became a primary focus only after her husband died, when she was nearly 50 years of age.  Inspired by diverse and deeply affecting paragons of cultural influence, including Emily Dickenson, Paul Cezanne, and the Group of Seven, Graham started out as an abstract artist but ventured increasingly in the direction of exposing the majesty of nature using dramatic techniques and vibrant colours, usually with a compositional bias towards asymmetry – because, after all, nature is not geometric, balanced, or evenly structured.  The rhythms of the natural landscape evoke in her works a poetic sensibility, making them both striking and poignant, exemplars of a thoughtful penetration of the world around us by the mind of a unique creator.

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