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Serge Lemoyne (1941-1998), a Canadian artist from Quebec, had a collaborative approach to making art, seeking active engagement between artwork, audience and the artist.  He helped found L’Horloge du Nouvel-Age in 1964 with Claude Péloquin, Yves Hébert and Jean Gauguet-Larouche and a year later, Le Zirmate. Both groups held events combining music, poetry, dance and visual effects to create happenings.

Popular culture was a significant subject of his work, which is considered avant-garde.  Preferring popular subjects for his paintings and shunning academicism,” he devoted ten years to exploring hockey, with works paying tribute to the Montreal Canadiens and goalie Ken Dryden (1975).  The commemorative envelope for the postage stamp to celebrate the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts issued by Canada Post on September 26, 2011, features a portion of Lemoyne’s Dryden work.  It would not be out of line to call Lemoyne the first Québécois pop artist.