William Perehudoff was born in Langham, Saskatchewan in 1919, and for more than six decades was considered to be one of Canada’s most important modernist and color field artists.  His formal education was at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Centre in 1948 and 1949, and at the Ozenfant School of Fine Arts in New York City in 1950. 

Throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s he participated in Emma Lake workshops led by Will Barnett, Ken Noland, Donald Judd and Clement Greenberg.  Through the tutelage of these American abstract painters, Perehudoff works moved to Abstraction, heavily influenced by the vast open spaces of his prairie home. 

Perehudoff is a member of The Royal Canadian Academy of art, a recipient of the order of Canada.  His works are widely exhibited world wide and his works are held in the collections of major museums and important collectors.  William Perehudoff was married to landscape artist Dorothy Knowles, and passed away in Saskatoon in 2013.

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